2019 Community Action Events

Running and Winning Workshop

Running and Winning is an educational, non-partisan one day workshop for junior and senior high school girls which encourages them to examine political decision making and campaigning and to consider holding elective office in the future.

The AAUW Northwest Tucson Affiliate has joined with the AAUW Tucson Affiliate and the League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson since 2003 to sponsor and present this full day workshop. For several years, the Tucson/Pima County Women’s Commission and the University of Arizona Political Science Department have also been sponsors/participants.

One important feature of the program is the opportunity for the high school participants to interview elected women officials. These women, from a variety of elected positions, have been generous, enthusiastic contributors of their time and experiences.


2019 Running and Winning Workshop

The 2019 Running and Winning Workshop was held at Flowing Wells High School in Tucson on September 19th.

Eleven women elected officials and 53 girls were present.  The Center for Community Dialogue provided 7 facilitators.

The topics for the campaign speeches were:

*   Whether there should be free post-secondary education for everyone

*  Childcare for working mothers

*  Climate change and its effect on Arizona

*  DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

AJ’s provided a Continental Breakfast for the women officials. Snacks for the girls was provided by the committee, and lunch was provided by Subway.

It was a successful event, and the chairperson has expressed her appreciation for AAUW’s support.